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The love that exists in friendship

All my life - or as much as I remember - I have always enjoyed the concept of having friends and maintaining genuine, long-lasting friendships. Unfortunately, it had always seemed like mere wishes and fantasies to me, for various reasons. Maintaining my friendships and keeping in touch was something I really struggled with. And it certainly did not help that I had to change locations and environments a little too frequently. Well, up until a few years back when everyone around me became more social media inclined. It made it easier to keep in touch and keep my friends. Of course, regardless, I have gained and lost friends over time but the solid ones have really stuck with me in the long run.  However, at different points this year, I felt alone and "friendless". Not because I did not actually have friends but I  just was not feeling the love in my direction. I knew there were people who cared but in that brief moment, I had forgotten. So, I became so distant and closed off f

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