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Self deprecation is not humility

Hey lovelies,  How are you today? How has your week, month, year been? Good? I hope so. Meanwhile, you guys are actually the best. I look at my views every day and I’m really wowed at the number of people that take out time to read what this girl has to say. Thank you.  So, here I am dropping another post for your reading pleasure. 🙂 Today, I have a serious issue to discuss with you. Something we’ve all been guilty of at one point in our lives or another. I’m guilty, you’re guilty too.  It’s this issue of self-deprecation. The issue of undervaluing ourselves when we ought not to. I’m very aware that we are told by different people at different times to be our biggest critic. Well, great. But that doesn’t mean we should undermine our success. Many times, we receive compliments from people and instead of accepting it with our full chest, we tend to brush it off. No. Really, no. You’ve done a good job, accept the compliment. It’s really not humility; you don’t have to downplay your success …

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