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Hello, lovelies! Have you ever thought about things you know now but wish someone told you earlier? Or at least you came to the realization earlier? Here’s a list of things I’ve personally learned on life’s journey and I frankly wish I knew them earlier.
It’s okay to cry 2018 really had me holding in a lot of emotions. There were times I was close to crying and I would just wave it off with a smile, put on a facade and tell myself "I'm strong, I won't cry". I likened tears and show of emotions to being weak. I never wanted to be seen crying and as crazy as it might sound I didn't want to be labeled a "crybaby".  I remember once, I spent the night crying and I woke up with a tear-smeared face. My friends saw through me. I wasn't okay but when they asked, of course, "strong Nazam" forced a smile and pushed it away. I really wish on one of those days, someone looked at me and told me it was very okay to cry. I wish someone told me I didn'…

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